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[News] BPU Holdings expands the AEI Ecosystem “Will launch AEI technology store” (2019.08.07)

BPU Holdings at the forefront of bolstering AEI ecosystem
We will release an open source by the end of this year…
SangGyoon Oh, CEO
BPU to provide tools and services that even elementary school students can build upon “Devices of Industry 4.0 era require humanity”

“We will release an open source related to Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) so that developers can build AEI technologies and launch a tech store in which AEI-related technologies can be easily traded.” SangGyoon Oh, CEO of BPU Holdings, an artificial emotional intelligence start-up, said BPU will launch an AEI Skill Store (tentative name) by the end of this year. In an interview with Mirakle Ahead, Mr. Oh said, “Developers network is essential to bolstering the AEI ecosystem. As a leader in AEI sector, BPU Holdings will be at the forefront in building the developers network.” Unlike AI, which processes knowledge based on repeated inputs of big data, AEI developed by BPU Holdings is an AI technology that is able to emulate how people feel.

To date, BPU Holdings developed, an AEI enabled search engine, ZimGo Polling, an election poll analysis tool based on social media, and aiMei mobile application, an emotional intelligence chatbot service. It also developed Neil, an AEI curator, and Neil Publisher, a content selection application.

Mr. Oh predicted that AEI will rise in place of AI in the future. “AI is devoid of emotions and bound solely by technology, so ultimately, there can be only one AI that looks at all things in the world,” he said.
Mr. Oh further elaborated by referring to today’s navigation algorithm as an example. “If we input destination A to destination B in the navigation system, all algorithms compare and analyze the traffic situation at that particular moment and mark the shortest route,” he said. “So all the vehicles move in the same route and the problem of bottlenecks occur if there is a car accident at a certain point.”

Mr. Oh added, “AI believes it should have all the information of mankind. Conversely, AEI differs from one person to another because AEI places priority on individual relations.”

CEO BPUHoldings

Mr. Oh plans to bolster AEI industry by releasing open source and create an online marketplace. “There are many navigation systems but APIs are all the same. We plan to launch a subscription-based service in which we provide AEI tools so that AEI tech can be easily developed. It is akin to elementary school students creating PowerPoint slides.”

BPU Holdings also analyzed the corpus linguistics of the Korean language for accurate AEI development. “Through our research, we learned that the subjective and verbs decide the sense of Korean words, unlike English where morpheme is important in context. We developed a solution where we are able to analyze people’s emotions on social media by moving away from the existing method of analyzing morphemes and adopting context-based, subjective and verb analysis.”

BPU Holdings is now taking on a new project – forecasting the outcome of the 2020 Korean congressional elections using ZimGo Polling, an AEI enabled analysis tool. According to BPU Holding, ZimGo Polling predicted the vote rate of President Moon Jae-In (41.1%) in the 19th presidential election and Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 US presidential election.

“In the era of Industry 4.0 (4th industrial revolution), 5G or IoT (Internet of Things) should not be the key issues,” Mr. Oh said. “We need to create IoH (Internet of Humanity) so that more devices can have humanity.”

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