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BPU Holdings, the pioneer of AEI is a global company, headquartered in Seoul,South Korea. BPU Holdings Mission is to generate the most advanced, usable, secure and innovative Artificial Emotional Intelligence technology in the world. As such, BPU has created the first Artificial Emotional Intelligent (AEI) platform — AEI Framework. AEI is a synthesis of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Emotional Intelligence (EI). AI emulates how people think — AEI emulates how people feel

BPU aims to advance the human condition with Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI). Not exclusive to Artificial Intelligence (AI), BPU Holdings encompasses both AI and AEI together to build an advanced technology for human kind. AEI’s ability to allow cognitive sentiment as a tool for everyday use, enhances our personal and professional relationships both judiciously and empathetically. Furthermore, we are committed to building technology with Privacy by Design to provide sovereign control and ownership of our digital footprint and information data.

BPU is dedicated to giving back to society. Its acronym translates to ‘베풀다(베품) Bae-Pum’ which means to ‘give away’. BPU strives to uphold its promise in their Articles to allocate 30% of the company’s profit to the public good.

BPU Holdings is a global company founded in Seoul, South Korea with offices in both the US and Europe. BPU Holdings has presence in three continents and the company employs 11 diverse ethnicities in our Seoul headquarters alone. We continue to expand internationally with an array of employees specialized in AI; such as, business strategists, computer engineers and key experts.The company strives to have each employee focus on our Mission to generate the best AEI technology in the world. Today, the company employs 90 persons and counting.

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Our team is relentless in its pursuit to advance the human condition by providing the tools to improve lives through emotional intelligence.


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At BPU we are developing technologies that will transform the future of humanity and technology alike.

Product Overview


Zimgo Polling is an AEI-based election prediction solution that
accurately monitors public opinion on social media in real time. BPU Holdings is advancing the use of Artificial Emotional Intelligence to the art of Political Forecasting. The result is anonymous automation and accuracy, for anyone at anytime. Alleviating outdated and traditional polling methods, ZimGo Polling samples sentiment analysis on social media, extracting how voting citizens feel, not just what they say. During campaign seasons, AEI algorithms are made on ZimGo Polling for more accurate analysis of sentiments based on millions of social media data produced on a daily basis.

For instance, ZimGo Polling forecasted the results of in the last 18th Korean Presidential Election more accurately than the major 6 of public opinion poll researchers such as Gallop and CBS 9, 140gil Gangnamdaero Gangnamgu Seoul, 06043, Korea Realmeter.

Furthermore, in May of 2018, ZimGo Polling successfully predicted the U.S. Illinois State Election accurately within a 2% margin of error.

The polling tool is rigorously updated to analyze voter’s interests and received acclaims as the modern polling method. Pre-login access for is required.
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aiMei is a personality assessment application geared to assist with Four Components of Emotional Intelligence (EI):
1. Self-Awareness
2. Social-Awareness
3. Self-Management
4. Relationship Management

BPU Holdings believes one’s happiness is based on the health of their relationships – both with ourselves and the ones closest to us. aiMei enables the user to partake in personality tests that categorize one’s strengths and weaknesses. Daily check-ins ask your mood and can be logged by simple emoji responses. As such, the personality test can be linked to social media accounts and shared and even tested amongst friends. Friends and family can rate you anonymously, giving you a final 360-degree chart of your Four Components. Through aiMei, individuals can improve their relationships.
Today, users have answered a total number of 13,129,460 questions on aiMei. aiMei can also be used for organizational culture and anonymous evaluation. aiMei supports both Android and iOS and can be downloaded through Google Play and Apple Store.
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Neil is a mobile application Chatbot driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to customize news to individuals. Neil Chatbot through interactions with individuals and integrating with personal SNS accounts selects content without ads, navigations and other distractions to curate only the most credible and reliable news publications. Through machine learning, the virtual assistance understands the complex mind of the users to improve accuracy. Its features include Reader Mode, Bookmark, Share and Notifications.

Neil has been featured on the Korean Apple App Store three times in 2018. Listed as “New Apps We Love” in March 2018. Then listed as “Keep Your Finger on the Political Pulse” in May 2018; and lastly, listed under “Daily Apps” in June of 2018. These recognitions have been comparable and ranked with notable apps in entertainment, news and businesses such as: Snapchat, Netflix, Flipboard, Brunch, Twitter, and The Huffington Post.

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Neil Publisher is a hyper-curated AEI driven news application that creates blogs and publications.Tastemakers, marketers, influencers, and business personnel are able to create Publications generated by specific topics sourced by reputable news articles. The blogs and publications can automatically share content on SNS and social media accounts. Customized captions and scheduled share times are available to fit a repeating event. Neil Publisher allows expansion of knowledge and relevant information with like-minded individuals and entities. BPU Holdings has future goals of embedding Neil Publisher as an app in Apple iOS options.
Neil Publisher can be accessed on:
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