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BPU_Carlos, CTO
22 Oct: Appointment of New CEO in BPU Holdings Inc.

On of October 18, 2019, the Board of Directors have voted with Carlos Arturo Nevarez as the new President and Chief Executive Officer. Having prior experience in similar positions, Carlos is the company Board choice to carry out this position with full responsibility and integrity.

10 Feb: Case Study: ZimGo Polling

Sentiment Analysis has many practical applications to social studies. Politics, for example, provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase how powerful Sentiment Analysis can be when applied in context.

07 Mar: CASE STUDY: Law Enforcement

With the growing threat of drug crime and terrorism, Cyber Watch International (CWI) is working with international law enforcement agencies to obtain intelligence and determine internal as well as external threats to national security.

07 Mar: Case Study: Medical

Sentiment analysis can be used by health care professionals and their patients who want to monitor their mood and sentiment patterns to identify areas of prevention, care or improvement.

07 Mar: Case Study: College students

Nueva Sebu is a university catering to lower income students, because of the demographic the state has asked the university to monitor their students social media for sentiment trends.