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Q: Do tweets you use include Twitter profiles with geo-tags? How about tweets from Twitter accounts with no geo-tags?

Location information are pulled from Twitter and Facebook. Tweets with no geo-tags are used for estimated overall approval ratings.

Q: What if the Twitter account only lists the state but not the city? Do you include them in your data collection?

Yes. When we collect data, we collect all tweets regardless if the tweet has location info or not. If a tweet only has state information, we use it to estimate the approval rating on State level, respectively.

Q: Can get information from opinion leaders?

ZimGo Polling can provide features of opinion leaders by location.

Q: Can they download data so they can read each tweet if they want to?

If you mean real tweets from social media, we do not provide that option.

Q: What previous election data for each candidate do you use?

We use turnout rates for the previous election data by city, age group, and race.

Q: Is the data used for each candidate different for each election?

Yes. We use different election data for each and every election, separately.

Q: On expected voter count by city, do you use each city’s previous election data?

If we can find data on a city level, we use it for estimating vote count. If there is no data for city level, we use data from a state level.

Q: On the sentiment scores, does it understand and analyze emojis on tweets?

It can analyze emojis; however, in many cases emojis are emotionally incorrect.  Therefore, we currently we use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning for texts in tweets.

Q: Who is your competition using similar products or services in the market?

Difficult to grasp, but possibly a small group of traditional polling companies and internet polling solutions (i.e. YouGov) would be a competitor. Still, our methods are different and our data processing is different. We provide a competitive edge.

Our research and benchmark about the market prove that there is no similar service and solution existing in the market. Other companies may provide something similar, but their features are very limited and they cannot provide broad analytics the way ZimGo Polling does.