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BPU Holdings is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals by making social networks better and search tech smarter. We aim to run our company with ethical management for both internal and external clientele.

Every individual encompasses a unique talent that supports our mission statement and contributes to our company culture. We are committed to welcoming individuals who are driven and understand the importance of our values while practicing professionalism, maturity and a collaborative approach.

We welcome you to join our team as we continue to expand our global footprint.

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Products & Services
By converging EI with AI, we have been able to develop technologies utilizing Big Data Analysis, sentiment analysis, Natural Language Processing, and deep learning. Each of our products uses a combination of these features to enhance our end-user experience and support.
BPU History
Founded in 2012, BPU Holdings was created on the idea of closing the gap between humans and machines. We are dedicated to fine-tuning our products and improving our services. We aim to push the boundary on the human condition through AEI.
We are an eclectic group of international minds who come from many different walks of life. Each of us has been brought together by sharing the same interest of working in AEI to support future innovations while creating next-generation technology.

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