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AI & The Importance of Content Marketing

Content Creation, Content Curation and Enhanced Conversation

How much time do you need to create content for marketing? You might consider discovering keywords, deciding on topics, writing, optimizing, test landing pages, and scheduling social shares after checking analytics.  There are many sectors to consider.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king”. That’s true, it’s the heart of most successful marketing campaigns; however, great content has value that connects with the audience. So how do we value usable content?  It can be argued that it’s a product or emotion, message and/or beliefs. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s created for the audience you want. Some questions to ask yourself: Do you know your audience? Do you have a channel to meet your audience? Can you predict what the audience wants? What is the best way to approach it? Today, most of these activities can be done by AI machines.

Yesterday’s impossible, today’s reality:

  • AI creates content,
  • AI curates content,
  • AI creates conversation.


AI Creates Content

Today, we can create content with AI. Understanding which values bring good content, it’s no surprise that the most important and time consuming marketing is content creation. Also, it’s expensive and requires vast knowledge and research. Today, we have software that can generate stories for you. With just a couple of inputted keywords, one is able to generate a fully generated second story. This helps save time and narrows down the resources.  It’s a great tool to practice while writing reports and fact-based stories that are currently trending.  It’s quite possible that reputable magazines have already implemented this method.

One may have concerns about AI creating content – ideas that it may jeopardize the quality and SEO designs. One might mention voice input can be searchable by AI; still, there are implications that it can convolute the SEO. Searches are revolutionized with voice search and RankBrain (Google’s machine learning algorithm) and AI apps that are creating content will soon be able to create content that match search inputs – almost accurately.

Can we teach machines to learn and create content in a natural way? Yes, it’s only a matter of time. When human voice inputs are replaced with previous algorithms, it’s possible to teach machines to create content. Voice search is definitely changing the way we create content and with technological advancement, machines will influence how AI will create content.


AI Curates Content

Content curation is when an individual or a team uses their knowledge and expertise to find, gather, organize, and share relevant and high quality content on a specific topic, idea, or person for a target market. It’s an important process and it can be time consuming.

With creating content we’re thinking about raising awareness, providing relevant information and inputting a new idea. For example, if we want to increase sales we want to raise awareness to influence those who are susceptible to buying. With collecting data about the desired audience, AI is using the knowledge to curate and create content and conversation that will boost the engagement. It’s easier to follow stages of a standard marketing funnel. Yet, isn’t the most valuable effort digital marketing? If you can target your customers and inform them about things they want to know and influence their thoughts, you’re step ahead of your competitors. With curating content, AI can provide personalized content that saves time for users. Amazon, Netflix and other companies already recognize this and value the service that AI is able to achieve. With delivering relevant content you’ll have better customer experience with rapid results. Time is one of the most important elements in good business. AI engages people their desired end-users. What is better marketing than that?


AI Creates Conversation

AI created content delivers messages to the right audience and it also features automated chatbots.

Chatbots are able to communicate in a particular way that enhances the customer and user experience. It mitigates the global time zone differences by being available 27/4 and it’s able to answer specific inquiries with accuracy and diligence. Chatbots also have the unique ability to send messages about a company’s brand portraying their styles and quality of vision by promoting appropriate etiquette  and values into their conversations. Chatbots are also able to track customers data (with their permission of course) and can use their patterned preferences to help forecast future content curation.

Since chatbots are mimicking human conversation, they can help with posting content, completing orders, and providing relevant information. For example, with our content curator chatbot called Neil – when looking for content that is relevant to your interests or your business Neil uses AI to find reputable articles and interesting stories from reliable sources.  Neil provides fresh, curated content for your everyday.


In Closing

We’ve never had more confidence in AI.  With the ever-increasing need for immediate satisfaction and efficiency, AI technology has enabled humans and companies to perform tasks better, faster, and with more accuracy. Many companies today use artificial intelligence, such as Netflix, Spotify and so on. Digital magazines also recognize the value in AI based data and consumer readiness.

With so much available information online, it would be reckless to ignore making content marketing strategy. AI is a new normal that changing the way we communicate and do business. AI chatbots are branding the customer service experience and boosting sales.  We at BPU Holdings, firmly believe in our mission in generating the most advanced, usable, secure and innovative Artificial Emotional Intelligence technology in the world.

About Author:

Nermina Delić is experienced specialist with a demonstrated history of working in marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in negotiation, management and digital marketing.

As a digital marketing professional, she has been in this business for more than 5 years. As highly motivated and goal oriented person, she’s been focused on customer experience and achievement of challenging and realistic goals. Nermina is responsible for marketing and brand communication inside the BPU Europe, Sarajevo office.

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