About Us

Since our founding in 2012, BPU Holdings has become the most advanced
Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) technology company in the world, dedicated to the development, innovation and
business of AEI.

BPU holdings

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, BPU offices are located in the heart of Gangnam comprised of 9 stories amongst the bustling city.
Each floor, starting from the Lobby to the Rooftop, have a unique theme.
Currently, our Seoul office employs about 50 individuals from 9 different countries, while the company has a total of almost 100 global employees.
We thrive on our diversity and wide experience to create a multinational working environment.

Our first floor Lobby is called ‘Stigma Hall’.
Symbolizing hardships of success after failure, I wanted this entrance floor to be a reminder that with great success, comes great failure.
I want to motivate those who are having troubling times.

BPU Seoul_Cafe

4 floor CSO  . Marketing  .  PR  .  IR 

Our fourth-floor seats our Marketing, PR and IR (Investor Relations) teams as well as our Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Craig Burton.
The theme is ‘Hades’ – the Underworld.
Mostly red, black and grey undertones, I selected Hades because it’s where all souls lay to rest in the afterlife.
So, the meeting room is named ‘Basilica Cistern’ which is the largest of ancient cisterns where Christians hid from religious persecution.
I wanted our teams to use their own energies to help build new strategies and be able to commercialize our products.

BPU Seoul_04

5 floor     CAO  .  Finance  .  HR  .  Audit  .  GA

Our fifth-floor seats our Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Finance, HR, Audit (for product and services) and our GA (General Affairs) teams.
The theme of ‘Water’ takes place here with our signature BPU blue color and it’s a place where we hold most of our client meetings.
Our conference room, ‘Concordia’ symbolizes a place where the sounds of loud water can be in harmony. Our CAO, Attorney YongMyung Kim’s office is called, ‘Lustitia’ – the personification of the moral force in judicial systems.
Attorney Kim is my second in command and Lustitia represents the smallest, but strongest person of the law.

6 floor      Development

Our sixth-floor seats our Developers and Project Manager team including the first BPU cell called ‘Ex Machina’ composed of the successful developers.
With the theme of ‘Earth’, our core Natural Language Process has been named after ‘GAIA’.
We have a conference room named ‘Panmunjom’ after the peace talks on the 38th parallel between North and South Korea.

BPU Seoul_06

7 floor      CEO  .  CTO

The 7th floor symbolizes the ‘Sky’.
Seated by myself, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Carlos Art Nevarez, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), we are connected through the ‘Saint-Exupéry Corridor’ which the story of ‘The Little Prince’ and his affixation for the sky.
My office is called the ‘Divina Abiete Anada’ after the spiritual name, ‘Ananda Zonja’, whom I respect the most.
Our CTO’s office is named ‘Geronimo Oceani Vero’ after his great, great, great-grandfather Geronimo and his practiced religion, Oceani.
Historically, Geronimo was the last tribe chief who retaliated against the European settlers. In front of my office, I have planted two pine trees received as gifts.
These pine trees have been planted in the front garden symbolizing myself and Carlos, our CTO.

BPU Seoul_07

The final floor is our rooftop which I’ve named, ‘Heaven’ – the highest of the skies. Included are a garden and small pond called ‘Duitdongsan Back Mountain’.

BPU Seoul_08

I want to point out a small and important team – our Service Team Members. Our company team leaders and managers all meet every Thursday at 7AM to discuss our current projects and announcements over breakfast prepared by our BPU Cafe. I have indicated these members by giving them a purple stripe on their business cards.

Lastly, I would like to point out that every single one of our investors names are engraved in and around our BPU building.
Over 5,000 names have been entrusted to the company and their names signify their shield in support of the company and our employees.

BPU Seoul

BPU holdings is dedicated to making visions become a reality.
BPU will continue to focus on developing world-leading, secure, innovative, and usable AEI technology according to the detailed roadmap. We value and appreciate every single shareholder for their trust and contribution to this company.

BPU d.o.o

Founded in 2018, our BPU d.o.o. office leads Infrastructure and Product Development. As the Development team has grown, so will its offices. New renovations coming soon in the fall of 2019.

BPU Bosnia
BPU international

Founded in 2016, our BPU International office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Centrally located minutes away from Las Vegas strip, our BPUI office drives US Marketing & Sales and Operations. Understanding key client partnerships in the US is essential to advancing AEI.

BPU Las Vegas