Emotional Intelligence Search Engine (EISE)

ZimGo is
the Next Generation Search Engine
based on
Emotional Intelligence

AEI is the evolution and application of AI to the study and analysis of human sentiment and emotion.

We are the next generation search engine. This is easy to understand and explain.
We have built an Emotional Intelligence (EI) platform as opposed to AI. Therefore our results are better.

EISE (Emotional Intelligence Search Engine)


Emotional Computing


Machine Learning


Big Data

Our Road Map

저희 BPU는 감성 분석을 사용합니다. ‘zimgo’ 에게 긍정 또는 부정과 같은 매우 간단한 인간 감정을 가르칩니다. 이것은 EI의 ‘아기’ 단계와 같은 것입니다.

Sentiment Analysis (Machine Learning)
Semantic Analys (Natural Language Processing)
Contextual Analysis
Emotional Computing

Our Road Map

BPU Holdings uses Sentiment Analysis to teach ZimGo (search engine and machine learning algorithms) about human emotion from a very simple model: positive or negative sentiment. This is the first step to EI Machine Learning.

Machine Learning

We use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms to automate our work.
 Big Data systems allow us to scale this “emotional brain” to world-wide use.

We are building proprietary algorithms that allow us to create highly personalized computational units that identify, store and process personal emotional patterns, thus teaching the machine to evaluate our emotional patterns.

ZimGo Feels

At BPU we believe that Emotional Intelligence Computing is a three-way partnership between a human being; his or her emotional patterns; and the computational units (CU’s) that are able to capture, recognize and act on those emotional patterns.