“Big Data SaaS Based on Natural Language Processes (NLP) and Machine Learning Algorithms”

[Business Wire] BPU Delivers First Korean Sentiment Analysis Engine for the Cloud(2016.09.21)

“We already have the advantage with many advanced features. This is very positive for a Korean company to lead the world with groundbreaking technology.”

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BPU Holdings Corporation (BPU) of Seoul, South Korea, and BPU International today announced development of ZimGo Sentiment Analysis engine for public use in Korea. ZimGo leaps over competitive natural language processing (NLP) offerings in major ways with limited beta available first in Korean.

“We have been working on this cloud-based service much longer than other companies announcing NLP capabilities,” states Oh Sanggyoon, CEO of BPU Holdings. “We already have the advantage with many advanced features. This is very positive for a Korean company to lead the world with groundbreaking technology.” Recent announcements by internet giants have validated the technology and the marketplace.

Recently announced solutions by large competitors tout limited Sentiment Analysis as most are announcing simple APIs, while BPU Holdings has support for both APIs and ZimGo as a complete Sentiment Analysis application. While these recently announced platforms perform Syntax Analysis one sentence at a time, ZimGo can score entire paragraphs—more importantly, ZimGo has added support for emoticons. While others use a standard dictionary, in the English version due out later this year, slang is also analyzed using configurable dictionaries. ZimGo provides Entity Recognition for people or organizations. Planned premium versions allow for in-depth analysis over time by person, brand or entity.

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Although ZimGo will initially be available in Korean, English and Japanese versions will soon be available in limited beta release. Those interested in joining the beta may enroll at http://zimgo.cloud.

“Social intelligence tools like ZimGo open new frontiers to service businesses and consumers,” states Craig Burton, legendary technologist, advisor and BPU technical strategy leader. “ZimGo is a bit of a mood ring on steroids. It measures feelings and sentiment over a large online audience and assists in providing actionable data available to the public and organizations. Combined with technologies like Amazon’s Echo, ZimGo offers exciting possibilities for the future. We believe users and investors worldwide support this vision.” Burton further believes that enabling tribe management services is the future of search technology.

About BPU

BPU Holdings is a private Korean corporation that makes social networks better and search tech smarter, empowering the individual as the center of the connected universe. They bring this advanced technology first to the Korean market, then the world. The company currently focuses on Big Data, Natural Language Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning Algorithms, and Social Science and Tribe Management as a service. Information about BPU is available by contacting press@bpuholdings.com