CASE STUDY:  Medical


Sentiment analysis can be used by health care professionals and their patients who want to monitor their mood and sentiment patterns to identify areas of prevention, care or improvement.

Consider Susan, a therapist working with patients dealing with mental health issues. Today Susan visits her mental patient’s social pages (with their permission) to get hints from their posts regarding their mental state. How can sentiment technology help Susan?

With her patient’s approval, Susan can create monitors in ZimGo’s premium service to maintain ongoing, real-time charts of her patients. Over time, Susan can use ZimGo to create trend (pattern) monitors and even use alarms to alert Susan when certain trends persist.

With all her patients on a dashboard, Susan can look at a combined dashboard with color-coded trend reports to help her quickly assess who needs help on a daily basis. She can even get text alerts if certain terms are used in any of her patient’s posts.