CASE STUDY:  College students

Nueva Sebu is a university catering to lower income students, because of the demographic the state has asked the university to monitor their students social media for sentiment trends.


Primarily, because the students come from low-income circumstances, the state is worried about undue stress and possible depression associated with the added stress of maintaining a certain GPA in order to stay enrolled.

In addition, the school has begun a long-term social study to map the patterns and trends of these students from their days as students and continuing for years after they’ve graduated. The goal is to show the positive behavioral trends associated with positive sentiment resulting from education and the subsequently from better employment opportunities and quality of life. Also, due to heightened rate of suicide incidents during midterms and finals, the university would like to be able to proactively contact students showing signs of depression longer than 24 hour period.


In addition there is a goal to monitor and track immediate family (with consent) to show that not only are the individuals positively affected, but the overall well-being of their families is also improved.

The school has commissioned the development of a custom ZimGo dashboard that continually monitors their studenbody for signs of stress and depression. Further, the school has created incentives for students to participate in behavioral strengthening activities such as yoga, meditation and spiritual guidance. As students participate and show stable sentiment trends, the school provides additional curriculum free of charge. The candidates are automatically selected by automated ZimGo agents correlating the students activities to their posts on social networks which provides the incentive for the students to post on FaceBook.

The school of psychology has also developed particular questionaires which are automatically evaluated using ZimGo API using standardized dictionaries provided by the school. Bonus points are also awarded for students submitting a monthly essay, which is also evaluated by ZimGo. The scoring in these questionnaires and essays are used heavily to determine the student’s state of mind. Ultimately the goal of the school is to help the students learn coping skills to apply when they are on their own. The goal is not to avoid problems, nor is it to teach the students to pretend to be positive, but to help the student maintain a positive attitude despite challenges. Using ZimGo the school is letting the technology provide an automated baseline that can be used by the counselors and teachers to help guide all students during any of their challenging times.


Each student creates a personal profile at the beginning of their tenure at NSU and also contacts their immediate family to obtain the necessary permissions for the school to monitor and track their progress. Each student is given a personal dashboard where they are able to see their own patterns and trends with suggestions on how to improve them. Further if a student feels a submission has been scored incorrectly due to their own preference in linguistic use — he/she is able to create a personalized dictionary to insure that their posts and submissions are properly evaluated.