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The future of artificial emotional intelligence

With more and more companies turning to AI for their customer service needs many are uncomfortable interacting with bots as opposed to real human operators. Seeing as this shift towards AI will become more prevalent, this calls for better AI. More emotionally intelligent AI.

Currently, 52 percent of consumers globally interact via AI-powered live chats or mobile apps on a monthly basis, Fjord reported, with 62 percent claiming that they are comfortable with an AI-powered assistant responding to their query.

With consumer appetite for AI expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace, van der Merwe predicts emotional intelligence will be the critical differentiator separating the great from the good in AI products, especially given that by 2020 she expects the average person to have more conversations with chat bots than with human staff.

“People are probably going to be more drawn into engaging with chat bots and AI that has personality,” she said. “We’re seeing this already … it’s a companion and it’s something people can engage with.”

Read the article, comment with your thoughts! More AI? Does it make a difference if it’s emotionally intelligent AI? Or does AI scare you? Let us know!

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