We develop organically through technology.

Corporate Identity

CI concept

Our corporate identity embodies the advancement of human civilization and technology. The BPU logo was designed to reflect the balance of our altruistic qualities with our advancements in technology. Not only does the color blue represent communication and technology, but also calmness and serenity. The circle symbolizes wholeness and balance but also the infinite possibilities of our technologies. Additionally, the circle represents the world, a metaphor for our international global image. Our corporate image is identifiable with our mission to develop dynamic world-changing products and to create a brighter future for mankind.


Brand Identity

BI concept

The brand name ZimGo is a combination of the Korean word ‘Zim’, meaning ‘wishlist’, and the English word ‘Go’. Literally, it is the search engine to find what we desire. In part, the multilingual name of ZimGo represents our roots of our beginnings in Korea, and our branching out to become an international company.

We created a memorable icon as a metaphor for our services which are designed to be easily identifiable and accessible. The choice of the color blue in “GO” represents communication and technology.