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About BPU Holdings

At BPU Holdings, we are passionate about creating next-generation technology through the development of AEI (Artificial Emotional Intelligence).

In a time where we have already surpassed what we ever previously believed possible with technology, the world as we know it is now changing at an incredible pace. What we once thought was mere science-fiction is now no longer just a futuristic dream: Artificial Intelligence is not only possible, but for many of us it is now an everyday application.

However, despite our rapidly changing world amongst the advancement of AI, we find that as humans, and as a society, we remain largely unchanged. Perhaps even to the contrary, our societal issues are increasing at an alarming rate. Drug addiction, crime, and terrorism are in some countries at an all time high. Divorce, family violence, and depression and other mental health issues, are on the rise. As a civilization we are advancing, but our people are being left behind.

At BPU, we believe that in order to grow as a society we must bridge this ever-increasing gap between human and machine. Not only do we need to focus on the advancement of technology, but we also need to focus on ourselves, how we communicate with others, and our communication with our machines.

Psychological models show that personal success and happiness result not necessarily from intelligence, but from the application of Emotional Intelligence- the awareness of ones own emotions and the capacity for empathy.

Our vision is not only to continue the advancement of humankind through revolutionary new technology but also by increasing individual emotional intelligence by the applying these models to AI. We call it AEI: Artificial Emotional Intelligence.

By converging Emotional Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence we believe that we can not only help people’s lives through the practical use of technology, but also help them to help themselves through the development of our technologies utilizing Big Data analysis, sentiment analysis, Natural Language Processing, deep learning and user behavior analysis.

At BPU, we believe that together with our passion, people and technology, we can make the world a better place. The possibilities are endless.

Big Data Analysis

Emotional Computing

Machine Learning

The path to AEI is simple: it starts with teaching the machine to recognize emotional patterns (EI). ZimGo, our SNS sentiment-based search engine, is our first step towards the larger Vision. Why a search? Because with search technology we can scour blogs, social networks and all digital media looking for these emotional patterns, we call this first step sentiment analysis. Although it’s a very simplistic way to categorize feelings into positive and negative emotions, it is teaching the machine the basics for more complex expressions. HyperionAds, our personalized advertising platform, provides more refined and accurate filtering to bring together the right customer to the right product or company. These two technologies form the base AEI platforms. Through cutting-edge technological developments they provide optimized search and advertising experiences based on Machine Learning of human emotion and sentiment.


We believe that nothing revolutionary is created without being fueled by the fires of passion. BPU is passionate about delivering the next generation of personal network services through our Emotional Intelligence and Sentiment Analysis Platforms. Our team is relentless in its pursuit to advance the human condition by providing the tools to improve lives through emotional intelligence.


Our technology is a synthesis of hardware, software and scalable infrastructure. Accompanying this is algorithms, architectures and developments that enable enhanced performance of other systems. To that we add scientifically-proven and tested psychological models to accurately reflect human emotion in order to teach the machine to feel. Here at BPU we are developing technologies that will transform the future of humanity and technology alike.


At BPU we share the dream that we can change the world. Perhaps shooting for the moon is beyond our immediate reach, yet that does not change our resolve- at least if we miss, we may land amongst the stars. It is the people in this equation that are driving us to create the greatest technology in the world. Our company, our investors, our clients and our users. Together we can change the world.

Big Data Analysis. Machine Learning. User Behavior Analysis.

Emotional Intelligence Search Engine, ZimGo
  • Company: BPU Holdings Inc.
  • Date of foundation: Nov 2012
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